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A flat grey latte, please

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"Off the wall" Street Party at Singapore Art Museum 27 May May. 18th, 2006 @ 02:25 pm
Hey guys,

Just calling out to all who might be interested for a street party and Cosplaying.

In conjunction with Fiction@Love
An exhibition on contemporary love in an urban context explored through anime, comics, graphic communication and manga. Organised by Singapore Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai.

27 May (Saturday) • Mural lightshow: 7.30pm • Party: 9.30pm till late

Produced by Style Asia in conjunction with International Museums Day celebrations. Prizes sponsored by Nokia. Mural supported by Nippon Paint.

Calling all Cosplayers and party people! SAM transforms into a mythical Neverland with a one-night only street party hosted by The Sweetalker Sleepwalker. Check out the massive mural on the entire SAM façade by the superpowers of street artists:Clog02,THE KILLER GERBIL, Syco, TRASEONE, ZERO, OneTwoDelta, PFT, SLAC01, Speakcryptic, Maes2ro and ANTZ. Catch Tiramisu live, watch video artworks from the exhibition or just freak out to DJ sets by POPTART. Unleash the imagination and come dressed in your most outlandishly Manga costume or other fantasy characters and stand to win Nokia mobile phones from the N series!

Free entry. Goodie bags for the first 200 party animals to turn up.

The Sweetalker Sleepwalker The usual unusual suspect in the Singapore electronic music/club arena.
The voice to Heineken Music events in Singapore such as the Thirst Asia DJ competitions and Elevation, Re:Percussion parties and most recently, the Motorola Street Style Awards 2005, he has provided live vocal accompaniment to internationally renowned DJs such as Kid Loco (FRA), The Herbaliser (UK) and Lo Fidelity Allstars (UK).

POPTART thought of it first with their club night featuring a little bit of britpop, indie, shoegaze, alternative, grunge, postrock, twee, punk, electro and synthpop – all the music that meant something to you in those youthful carefree days. Winner of the ‘Best New Club Night’ in Juice magazine’s Best of 2005, POPTART has performed at Baybeats, as well as Mosaic Music Festival, Phuture, Zouk KL. POPTARt happens every month at Home Club.

Tiramisu A band with mystical sexualities and morbid desires for music. A mini clown rock jamboree and a devastated disco discontent, balancing kitsch and cock rock with the serious subject of human condition. Their live performances are known for aimless surprises, spontaneity, and the infamous chicken dance routine. The band will be releasing their first album at the end of the year, but if you can’t wait for that, come to the Party!

 Visit www.singart.com for programme updates and details
 Call 6332 3220 or email nhb_sam_programs@nhb.gov.sg for enquiries and registration. All information is correct at time of printing. The museum reserves the right to amend or alter programmes without prior notice.
 Singapore Art Museum is located at 71 Bras Basah Road
 Enquiries: Front Desk – 6332 3222. Opening hours: 10.00am – 7.00pm (Daily). Free admission on Fridays: 6.00pm -9.00pm
 Daily guided tours available.

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Sep. 13th, 2004 @ 10:07 pm

(And More)

Blue skies and open fields Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 07:01 pm

(And more)

Aug. 28th, 2004 @ 10:26 pm

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Cheesecake exploring Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 08:18 pm

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» Driving around Brisbane


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» (No Subject)
I'm sick again.

the migration has started towards, lucentstreak
» Reminder to self
- I am no longer 16 therefore I have no business trying to out run a 16 year old on a soccer field.

- I am not flexible at all, therefore balls that hit my pinky and try to bend it backwards hurt me. I ought to call injury time but didn't.

- I am not invincible, if a ball comes into hard, brutal contact on the side where I have a stitch running at the same time, I will not try to get up 5 seconds later and nods to the ref and yell, "play on"

- There are always news parts of the body that ache after intense soccer games. Each week is another lesson of "well...I didn't know I had muscles there."

On the other end of the spectrum

- Worst porn movie names ever.
» Another restless night spent doing nothing

1. 2. 3.


» (No Subject)
Yeah...I did both ankles in again tonight.
For those who haven't met me in person before, I'm the person whom the world created to be a weapon of greater destruction on heels than the WMDs in Iraq.

As one of my girl friends would tell me, "God, qinz, you would even trip over flat land. Please kindly move to some country where there isn't any stairs before you kill yourself."

Yes, I'm not terribly coodinated when it comes to human movement and neither am I rather graceful when it comes to dance.

But a blessing that came out of all those trips and falls in my youth is that I have perpetual unusually bendy ankles. Like I would be able to balance on the outer side of my both my feet for extended peroids of time. And even if I roll both my ankles in soccer, I'm usually back to peak form in less than 5 minutes.

While people snap ligaments like crazy in soccer and have bruises the size of a square on a soccer ball, I have bendy ankles that seemed to soak the up the pressure and boney shins that seemed to bring people down and they stay down.

Frightful isn't it?

Tonight, I landed on both ankles in different incidences badly. The second one more serious than the first considering, I was tackling the ball but got tackled/stomped back in the left ankle at the same time.

I'll be fine a bit but I think I need thicker ankle guards. The ones I'm wearing doesn't really hold my ankle together and still allows them to go bendy really easily.
» Day off

I need some sleep
time to put the old horse down
I’m in too deep
and the wheels keep spinning round

» (No Subject)
I am getting slowly tired of the RPG. Perhaps I've just put too much into it and there are no signs of fruitation yet. The struggle to try to keep waving the flag while smiling is a little hard. The fact that I don't know if I should push or not to push makes it doubly hard

Perhaps I ought to take the day off and head out somewhere. That I will. Head off to the city once again and sit at the edge. Find a greasy food stall and buy a burger, munch on the beetroot and watch people walk past me.

Or I could go to the art gallery and immerse myself in the sanctity of art but only to be disturbed by knowing faces of my ex-colleagues. Perhaps I will go to borders and spend the next 2 hours there swiping my dad's credit card to no avail and charging it under research but really just read the comics and the art magazines.

I am at lost of what I want and how to get it. The two psyche hasn't really matched up really. I'm still pondering if I should move my journal to lucentstreak and just save it all. But I realized that I have about 1 years worth of entries left in this journal which would be totally eliminated if I leave.

What is worse is that I had done it with morwath too and lost about 3 years worth of words. How can words be measured on a journal, through time?
» And there was light
New people have moved into the building and as usual we had the welcome party in which I got hideously drunk again. Was supposed to head out to the valley fiesta but never made it out of my house thanks to vodka etc.

Just found out that my brother nearly totalled my dad's car 1.5 weeks ago while he was out. I don't know what to say but. *sigh*. Thank god he only injured his left arm but to have totalled the car, I can only imagine how much my dad would have hurt considering that its his prize possession which is only about 3-4 years old. Sigh..lets not mention about the mortgage.

I don't think I have anything worth writing.
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